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THE SSM ACADEMY is a Digital Marketing Institute that is committed to making education affordable. Many students have been trained by us across India. The structure of our Digital Marketing Courses is outlined in accordance with latest Digital Marketing trends. As a Digital Marketing Institute, we aim to offer innovative learning opportunities to individuals who want to build a promising career in the field of Digital Marketing. Our expertise lies in delivering sessions that allow students to see the exciting world of Digital Technology.

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Education Is In Our Blood

We, at THE SSM ACADEMY, strive towards continuous improvement as an institute of Digital Marketing. Currently, we run a profitable digital marketing agency in Kolkata with over 25+ partners. We know what the latest industry trends are and what skills our clients require. This is what sets our Digital Marketing course apart from other online courses.


The story of THE SSM ACADEMY is quite challenging and compelling. At first, we conducted Social Media Marketing (SMM) workshops across India. After making a great start, we decided to introduce a professional digital marketing course, which has garnered a lot of acceptance and made The SSM Academy the best Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata. Because of our high-quality education & training, we've worked with many reputed companies. We now offer training in a variety of technical disciplines in addition to cutting-edge technologies. In addition to training job seekers and early-stage professionals, we have a knack for training corporate executives and professionals.


Our mission is to empower 1 million Digital Marketing Experts to rule the World as SSMpreneurs.

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As soon as you join THE SSM ACADEMY, you will be asked to pick a business idea. In your assignment, you will be required to create a website supporting the business idea. Each Digital Marketing concept will include an assignment where you will implement all of the concepts on your own website.

Our Digital Marketing Courses

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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata with 100% Placement Support

We have designed our courses in such a way that even a novice can become a digital marketing expert. Our courses includes case studies from real-life situations, making it a perfect blend of theory and practice. As a part of our advanced training, we offer courses such as Digital Marketing, Website Designing, Website Development, and Advanced SEO. We offer in-class training as well as online training to corporates, professionals, entrepreneurs, and job seekers. 

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Transform Your Future Through Education

Education is very important for each and everyone in order to enhance knowledge, the standard of living, and the level of economic and social status ... It boosts a person's confidence and helps them gain knowledge.

We at THE SSM ACADEMY, offer full-fledged classroom-based training for students, entrepreneurs, and executives in the industry. With us, you can learn the most effective means of reaching target markets and driving down acquisition costs. 

YES, You Can Achieve Your Goals ...

Having a goal is one thing, achieving that goal is another. The majority of people set goals, but only a few have the guts and discipline to actually take action and start working to achieve them.

Take action and join a course today to start working to achieve your goals.

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