How to convert leads into sales

Are you wondering how to convert leads into sales? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The truth is: attracting high-quality traffic to your website is quite hard. But making sales and revenue from that traffic isn’t hard at all.

Using the right digital marketing strategy, you can drive a flood of traffic to your website. However, high traffic does not always result in revenue, unless the revenue model is exclusively based on display advertising. As compared to all the other revenue models, display advertising brings the lowest revenue per visitor. In fact, some studies show that only 27% of internet visitors view display ads.

So what’s the best strategy?

The best way to monetize website traffic is to convert it into leads and then promote a product or service to them via email marketing or follow-up phone calls. This is also known as Inbound Marketing.


The best way to grow a website’s traffic is through content marketing. You can do this through blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

But, in this post, we will not be talking about how to bring traffic but, rather, how to convert website traffic into leads and sales.

12 Tips To Convert Leads into Sales

So let’s talk about all the best ways that will help you convert leads into sales.

1. Create an Irresistible Offer

Your website’s visitors will be attracted by your offer. If you want them to fill out the form in order to access that prime offering, it must speak to their interests. If you are a vegetable gardener, you need to create an offer that will attract someone who is growing their own vegetable garden for the first time.

flash sale

Depending on your target audience, you can use product-based and content-based offers. Your company might offer a free consultation, a 30-day trial, or live demonstrations of your products. Imagine the possibilities. In your field, you may come up with a unique product that no one has ever seen before. If you think it will work for your target audience, you should try it.

The goal of any offer you make is to engage your target audience in conversation. No matter if you are an alone salesperson or have an entire sales squad, these offers will prompt the prospect to become a paying customer.

2. Create Magnetic Landing Pages

In order to give people a chance to sign up for your offering, you need a landing page. It has been proven that landing pages are the most effective way to convert visitors into leads. 

Although many content pages on a website are designed to provide information, landing pages are designed to collect contact information. 

An effective landing page combined with targeted traffic can result in conversion rates as high as above 50% and in some cases even higher than that.

The more landing pages you have inside your website, the more opportunities you have to collect leads via search engines, referral traffic, or direct traffic. 

In a future article, we will discuss in detail another effective way to drive traffic to such landing pages via YouTube marketing.

It is advisable to never rely only on one landing page since different people or groups are attracted to different kinds of landing pages. It’s also a good idea to drive traffic to different landing pages via blog posts and see which one performs better.

If you don’t know how to design a landing page, you can use some plugins and themes that are available for WordPress, which makes the process of creating landing pages very simple.

3. Header Optin Forms

A notification bar is a wide banner that appears at the top of a website.

The notification bars have become a habit for online users because the browsers usually display warning messages in the notification bars, such as a missing plugin or a blocked pop-up. Notification bars like these stay at the top of everything and many can be configured to stay at the top of the screen even when people scroll down the site. It is a very effective way to grab your visitors’ attention.

forbes header media

You can place a “subscribe” button in your notification bar to convert your visitors into leads.

You can accomplish this with the WordPress plugin known as Notification Bar. It has limited features, and you can find other options for adding a notification bar on your site for free or for a nominal fee.

4. Integrate Live Chat

Live chat is one of the best ways to engage website visitors while they are on your site and increase conversions.

As a matter of fact, it can result in a 45% increase in website conversions because all you’re doing is offering instant customer service.

With live chat, you can engage visitors with content that is directly related to the content they’re viewing.

You can even personalize based on whether they are repeat visitors or not.

You can engage your repeat visitors directly with messaging or offers that are unique to their specific activities on your site.

There are plugins like HubSpot CRM, LiveChat that simplify the integration of live chatbots into WordPress websites.

5. Integrate Popup Forms

There is research shows that pop-ups are the best way to convert your web traffic into leads(or maybe buyers). Depending on the efficacy of the offer, around 2% to 10% of your daily blog traffic will turn into a lead.

Master Popups is a WordPress plugin that can create fantastic popup forms. 

master popups

Master Popups has a powerful visual popup editor that lets you quickly create subscription forms, contact forms, images, videos, offers, notices, and discounts with just a few clicks. It creates Modal Popups, Full-Screen Popups, Notification Bars, Slide-In Popups, and Inline & Widget Popups.

6. Use Slide-ins

Slide-in boxes are basically popup boxes that slide into view from the corner of the screen.

Slide-ins are less offensive than regular pop-ups. 

Plus, they’re more visible than regular pop-ups. As a result, they can stay on your users’ screens even as they scroll down your page. However, they won’t be irritating.


You can promote just about anything with slide-in pop-ups: lead magnets, newsletters, and lots more.

Here’s a huge collection of slide-in popup templates for your use.

7. Integrate Floating Button

Floating bars are sticky bars that stick to the top, bottom, or even a side of a web page.

You’ve probably seen them a few times before.

With floating bars, you can achieve just about any marketing goal you want:

  • Capture user information
  • Traffic to a landing page
  • Promote your social media pages
  • Increase your lead generation
  • Pass a message. 

The use of floating bars is a great way to increase conversions if your CTA is relevant and compelling.

8. Forms in Sidebars and under Posts

Any blog’s sidebar and post’s footer are great spots to incorporate opt-in forms.

It is common for people to notice the sidebar even when they aren’t interested in the content, and there is a high likelihood that they will opt-in for an offer they find relevant. In addition, when people finish reading blog posts, they usually have no idea what to do next. So if you don’t have anything to grab their attention, they’ll leave.

subscribe form

In the above image, you can see an example of an opt-in form that can be placed below blog posts. 

You can either create your own opt-in forms or you can use WordPress plugins such as WPforms, which allow you to create beautiful forms for blog posts and sidebars.

9. Welcome Redirects

You can redirect the first-time visitors of your blog to a landing page where they can opt-in in return for something valuable, such as a free eBook or a newsletter. Plugins such as these redirect only new visitors and returning visitors will only see your homepage. 

Although this is a very viable option for capturing a lot of leads in a short period of time, it is not the most recommended. This leads to various user experience issues. As an example, a returning visitor may not use the same device or location, so he may be treated as a new visitor and redirected to the landing page. Another issue with such plugins is that they don’t work when caching systems are enabled. If the caching system is turned off, website load speed will be slower and server resources will be used more.

You can use welcome redirects for a brief period of time to get a boost in leads, and then turn them off afterward.

10. Opt-in Forms Inside Videos

Web videos have led to the development of new opt-in forms that have become popular with digital marketers. The opt-in forms are embedded inside videos. Here is a screenshot of a video with an opt-in form that appears during the video and lets the internet user continue watching the video after opting in. You can also disable the skip this step option to force it to be opt-in. It can be configured to appear at the beginning or at the end of the video.

It is possible to embed opt-in forms within videos by using a premium plugin called LeadPlayer for WordPress. It has many options, and it works with any YouTube video. You can add an existing YouTube video to your website in such a customized way.

11. Exit Intent Popups

An exit intent pop-up is a popular lead generation technique that usually increases conversions by 5-10% when properly implemented.

These pop-ups pop up as users drag their cursor toward the “close” button on their screens.

These exit-intent popups may include:

  • Newsletter signup: Encourage people to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Social Media Invitations: Invite your visitors to follow you on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Premium Content: Offer email sign-up access to premium content.
  • Discounts: Give a discount on pricing in exchange for their information.
  • Freebies: Give away free PDFs, tools, etc.

It is often necessary to nurture such types of signups before turning them over to sales reps for follow-up. Still, having their contact information is better than letting them leave without engaging them one last time.

If you would like to set up an exit pop-up for your website, Sumo offers a free suite of tools to increase lead conversion, including a pop-up tool. Alternatively, you can use ShareThis or Master Popups.

12. Make Your site Trustworthy

People will generally need to trust your website before making a purchase or providing any information.

If your website doesn’t appear credible and authentic, you shouldn’t even bother worrying about sales and conversions.

How can you make your site trustworthy?

I figured out that knowing what makes it untrustworthy in the first place will help you find answers to that question.

So, here are 10 things that make a website look untrustworthy

Here are a few tips to make your site trustworthy:

  • Ensure that your site is HTTPS-enabled.
  • Good design is essential
  • Don’t attach false, unverified customer testimonials.
  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Avoid watermarked graphics
  • Avoid inactive social media account
  • Provide clear shipping information
  • Provide return policy
  • Provide money-back guarantee
  • Attach reviews and customer testimonials

It is therefore important that you fulfill all of the above points for your site to be trustworthy.

Final Thoughts

Time, money, and energy are all required for search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media strategies. So why not increase the number of customers you get from your website by converting website visitors into leads?

A compelling landing page combined with an effective conversion process can be the driving force behind converting a site visit into a sale. 

After reading this post, you should be able to understand how to convert your website traffic into leads.

Although lead generation can be done in many different ways, the fundamental concept remains the same. Attract visitors with valuable content and then ask for permission to email them in the best possible way. If you provide people with something valuable in the email, you will build trust, and then you can introduce what you have to offer in an unobtrusive manner.

What other methods do you know for converting traffic into leads? 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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