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The SSM Academy's Lead Generation course will teach you how expert marketers generate leads for B2B, B2C and Local Businesses as well as how to generate HD Leads to grow your business using various Lead Generation concepts, strategies, tools and techniques.


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To help you boost your business, we've created this Free Lead Generation course for you!

TOP 5 Things You'll Learn

✔️Lead Generation Basics - Understand the basics of lead generation. Understand the differences between B2C and B2B lead generation.

✔️Lead Generation Funnel - Learn how to create an automated lead generation funnel that will capture leads and nurture them.

✔️Marketing Automation - By using proven templates and systems, you can automate your email marketing and automatically generate sales.

✔️Lead Generation Tools - There are tools available to generate high-quality leads instantly without any huge subscription involved.

✔️Sales Closure - Why generate leads if you cannot close them? Learn how to close deals and make money.

2 Most Important Steps of
Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Before you start learning various tips and strategies to generate HD Leads for any business, you first need to know the 2 most important stages of a successful Lead Generation campaign.

The Awareness stage is when you should focus on reaching  maximum number of people who may be interested in your products or services. In this stage the prospect is only getting aware of your brand and what you have to offer as a solution. They may see an issue or a need, but they aren’t aware of the specific answer or that you have it.

The Retarget stage is all about retargeting all the people who’ve interacted with your business at the previous stage. At this point, your aim is to maximize immediate consumer value. You’ll achieve this by assisting them in overcoming any objections to selling and giving the extra “gentle push” they require to purchase right now. 

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Rs. 2999/-

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You’ll learn everything from Basic to Advanced.

Lecture times and days will be flexible based on trainee convenience. You can learn Anytime Anywhere …

We will give you access to our LMS where you will be able to find all the recordings in case if you miss any class.

It is impossible to limit how many leads can be generated by businesses, as the more efforts you put in, the more leads you will generate.

You will have two options to clear your doubts. Either you can contact us via Live Chat or you can post you queries directly on the platform.

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✔️Product Managers

✔️Lead Generation Experts

✔️Startup Founders

✔️Internet Marketers

✔️Anyone ..

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