Meet Our
Brand-new Brand

We’re excited to unveil our refreshed brand identity. The updates illustrate our company’s evolution since its founding in 16th January, 2020. Although this is a significant shift, our core beliefs remain the same.

As a platform that connects instructors and learners throughout the world, THE SSM ACADEMY has always strived to serve the best than better.

With our new brand, we’re taking things to the next level. From how we learn to how we teach, it all ties back to our mission to empower 1m+ digital marketing experts to rule the world as SSMpreneurs.


Logo that depicts our Mission

Digital Marketing refers to a marketing mix that uses the WWW and internet based devices such as laptop, mobile and other digital platforms to promote products and services. Our logo depicts the connection that helps us to strengthen the relationship between consumers and businesses.


Colors that excites Energy

As a brand, we are represented by an optimistic shade of purple. Purple is generally associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple, like other colors, is the subject of color psychology, which suggests that colors can have a strong influence on moods and even attitudes. Our color reminds us of our commitment to enable 1M+ digital marketing experts.

THE SSM ACADEMY website on different devices

We’re cognizant that we’ve made some changes. Aside from the fact that our look has transformed, our commitment to our community has not.

Our new brand, as elegant as it is, is more than just good looks. We’re investing heavily in everything we’re doing to fulfil our mission of creating new growth opportunities.

If you have any ideas, requests, or compliments concerning our improvements, please feel free to contact us.