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Affiliate Marketing

The SSM Academy's Affiliate Marketing course will teach you how to start and grow a business in the same way as entrepreneurs and startups do. This model will walk you through the process of creating your own automated revenue stream from scratch by promoting  products created by others. You'll have an affiliate website and a growing list by the end of the course, which you can use to make more money!

For Every Solo
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Business Owner

✔️Who are struggling to sell.

✔️Not able to generate HD leads.

✔️Don't want to spend resources on junk leads.

✔️Unable to convert visitors into buyers.

✔️Who don't want to invest money into ads.

What You'll Learn

✔️How to Build a Long-lasting Online Business and Become Your Own Boss.

✔️Identify your Target Audience and research their online activity to understand their needs and pain points.

✔️Pick products and services to promote to your Target Audience based on what they actually need.

✔️Create website to supercharge your online business.

✔️Turn Strangers Into Life Long Customers.

✔️Master the art of SEO to boost your business visibility.

✔️Copywriting templates to supercharge your approach.

✔️Attraction Marketing strategies.

✔️Many More ...

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Shahreen Mohammad, an Affiliate Marketing specialist and your Instructor for this course.

Course Requirements :-

The only requirement is your WISH to become an Affiliate Marketing Expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the duration of the course?

This Affiliate marketing course is about 9 hours long. However, the main advantage of this course will be the knowledge you will get, which is unmatched by any other Affiliate marketing course available on the web.

Is this a beginner's or advanced level course?

This course will cover almost every aspects of Affiliate Marketing. We have created this course to help you become an Affiliate Marketing expert.

I'm a working professional. What if I miss any class?

Though we always try to conduct our Live sessions on the weekends, you'll always have access to our LMS where you can access all recordings in case you miss out.

What certificates will I receive?

Upon completion of this course, you'll receive a certificate from The SSM Academy.

What is the Earning opportunity?

Each student who attends this course will receive extra attention. We'll give you hands on assignments to implement your knowledge in a practical setting.

How to solve my doubts?

If you have any questions, you can either post them directly on the training platform or ask them on Live workshops.

Why you're offering this course in such a low price?

We established The SSM Academy with the sole purpose of spreading affordable education. We at The SSM Academy, believe obtaining quality Education is affordable, but gaining Experience costs a lot.


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Rs. 4999/-

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