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Become a Digital Marketing Specialist in just 90 days.

The SSM Academy offers complete Digital Marketing course online with over 18 Modules. You will receive 7 Guaranteed Industry recognized International certifications from Google and from The SSM Academy.

Highlights :

Learn Everything Practically

This course is like an Online Game that is highly interactive with practical Steps, assignments, checklists, strategies and actionable lectures integrated into every section. You'll learn how to market your business online step by step across all major marketing channels. Follow the steps on screen to achieve results at work, for your business or for your clients business.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is open to anyone who is 17 years old or older. However, a 12th Grade Pass (10+2) or equivalent with a minimum of 50% in average will be favoured.

Typically we conduct Live classes on weekends, otherwise you will get all the recordings on our LMS to watch anytime anywhere.

Yes you can. However, we highly recommend that you attend the live sessions since you can learn a lot from other students’ questions. Additionally, the trainer will share many live examples and tips and tricks that will be helpful to you in the live class.

This course has been designed as a 90 days Digital Marketing training program. Each day there are new things to learn about Digital Marketing.

If you have any questions while watching the video lectures, just post them in the Q&A section and we will respond quickly. Alternatively, you can share your doubts in our Facebook private group, or via Whatsapp, or via email.

The SSM Academy’s Digital Marketing course is designed in such a way that after completing 30% of the entire course, students will enter a Funnel (AKA CashBack Funnel). In this way, we can be sure all our students can use their knowledge in a practical setting.

Don’t fear, The SSM Academy is here!

The SSM Academy was founded with the sole purpose of spreading Affordable Education. We believe Education is Affordable, Experience is Expensive.

You've Come To The Right Place, If You're Looking For A Proper Digital Marketing Course Online...

This Digital Marketing course will enable you to understand the digital buyer persona, build result-oriented digital marketing strategies, and identify in-demand metrics to effectively measure and optimize ROI.

Get an end-to-end perspective of the digital marketing ecosystem. Learn to plan and execute transformational digital marketing strategies and best practices.

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Course Syllabus

Module - 1

Introduction To Digital Marketing

  • What Is Digital Marketing?
  • Various Channels Of Digital Marketing
  • Difference Between Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing
  • Importance Of Digital Marketing

& Many More …

Module - 2

Website Planning & Development

  • Introduction
  • How To Choose A Right Business Idea?
  • Important Technical Terms
  • How To Choose A Right Domain Name For Your Website?
  • How To Purchase A Domain Name & Hosting in 2021?
  • How To Integrate Your Hosting Service With Your Domain Name?
  • What is CMS & Which CMS, You Should Use In Creating Your Website?
  • Process Of Taking Backup
  • Website Development Live DEMO

Module - 3

Graphic Designing

  • Introduction
  • Designing Banners & Posters
  • Tools For Best Images & Videos
  • Animation Making Tools
  • Best Stock Images To Use In Your Website

Module - 4

Search Engine Optimization

  • Introduction To S.E.O.
  • How Google & Other Search Engines Work?
  • S.E.O. Basics – Must To Know
  • On-Page SEO Explanation
  • Title Tag, Meta Description Tag, Robots Tag, Canonical Tag & All
  • On-Page SEO Live Demo
  • Off-Page Explanation
  • Google My Business, Backlinks
  • Off-Page SEO Live Demo
  • Do Follow Links & No-Follow Links
  • Links Building – Social Bookmarking Sites, Directory Submission Sites, Image Links, Q&A Links
  • Guest Posting – The Most Important Off-Page SEO Technique
  • Google Algorithm Updates – Must To Know

& Many More …

Module - 5


  • What Is Blogging?
  • How To Generate Title & Content For Your Blog
  • How To Make Money From Blogging?
  • Smart Tips To Become A Successful Blogger
  • Blog Marketing

& Many More …

Module - 6

Google Analytics

  • Introduction To Google Analytics
  • Process Of Integration Analytics With Your Web Property
  • Views & Filters Creation
  • How To Create Goals In G.A.?
  • Google Analytics Reports Observation
  • User Management
  • How To Easily Crack Google Analytics Exam & Get Certified From Google?

& Many More …

Module - 7

Google Search Console

  • Introduction To G.S.C.
  • Process Of Integrating GSC With Your Web Property
  • URL Inspection
  • Mobile Usability
  • Rich Results / Rich Snippets

& Many More …

Module - 8

Google Ads

  • Introduction To Google Ads
  • Creating Account In Google Ads
  • How Google Ads Work?
  • Google Ads Keyword Research
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Google Search Ads
  • Ad Extensions
  • Various Types Of Google Ads – Dynamic Search Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing Ads, Gmail Ads
  • Google App Campaign
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Google Ads Question Bank
  • How To Easily Crack Google Ads Certification?

& Many More …

Module - 9

Bing Ads

  • Introduction To Bing Ads
  • Creating Account In Bing Ads
  • Bing Ads Keyword Research
  • Bing Ads – Keyword Match Types
  • Ad Targeting
  • Ad Extension
  • How To Crack Bing Ads Certification?
  • Get Certificate From Microsoft

& Many More …

Module - 10

Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction To S.M.M.
  • Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business Growth?
  • How To Change The Revenue Of Your Business Using Social Media?
  • Facebook Marketing 
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Pixel Setup
  • Facebook Lookalike Audience
  • Lead Generation Ads
  • Tips For Getting Maximum Leads
  • Facebook Remarketing Campaign
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Marketing With Smart Tips
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Why LinkedIn Is Important For Your Business?
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • YouTube Marketing
  • YouTube Practical
  • How To Become A Successful YouTuber?

& Many More …

Module - 11

Email Marketing

  • Introduction To Email Marketing
  • Why Email Marketing Is Useful
  • Email Marketing Metrics
  • GMass Live Demo
  • How To Send Automated Emails To Your Customers?
  • MailChimp Live Demo
  • How To Find Anyone’s Email ID

& Many More …

Module - 12

Content Marketing

  • Introduction To Content Marketing
  • How To Create Great Content For Engaging Users In Your Web Property
  • Content Marketing Strategy

& Many More …

Module - 13

Mobile Marketing

  • Introduction To Mobile Marketing
  • Why Mobile Marketing Is Necessary?
  • Integrating Google AMP
  • What’s App Marketing

& Many More …

Module - 14

SMS Marketing

  • Introduction To SMS Marketing
  • Why SMS Marketing Is Important?
  • SMS Marketing Strategy
  • Tools For SMS Marketing
  • Sending Bulk Messages.

& Many More …

Module - 14

Ecommerce Website Setup

  • Introduction
  • How To Choose The Right Products For Selling Online?
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Adding Product Filters & Categories
  • Adding Products Automatically In WordPress Website
  • Integrating Payment Gateway
  • Smart Tips For Successful Ecommerce Business

& Many More …

Module - 15

Android App Setup

  • Introduction
  • How To Setup Android Application?
  • Publishing Application In Google Play Store

Module - 16

Online Reputation Management

  • Introduction
  • Effect Of Reviews
  • Best Tools For ORM
  • How To Handle Positive & Negative Reviews?
  • How To Increase The Count Of Positive Review?

Module - 17

Affiliate Marketing

  • Introduction
  • Why To Choose Affiliate Marketing?
  • How Affiliate Marketing Works?
  • How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?
  • The Best Affiliate Programs
  • Tips To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

& Many More …

Module - 18

Freelancing Career

  • Introduction
  • Submitting a Winning Proposal
  • Success Factors

Happy Students Feedback

My name is Payel and I'm from Kolkata, West Bengal. I have completed this course just a week ago and what I realize after completing this course is it's the super best choice for all the people who're interested to learn about Digital Marketing. There are lots of institutes that are providing courses related to Digital Marketing and I've also joined some of them, but the SSM Academy course is something different than others. I am really very thankful to SSM academy for providing this excellent course at a very affordable fee.

Payel Das Entrepreneur

Many many thanks to the SSM academy for proving this amazing opportunity. This course has changed my life. I run a Mobile Shop in Delhi and a few months ago I thought to learn Digital Marketing & I saw an ad of SSM academy & I enrolled myself instantly. And that single decision has changed my business revenue completely. Now I'm getting 2-3 sales on a regular basis, just using the concepts which I learned from SSM academy. This is why I'm giving this strong review to help SSM academy to achieve its future goals. Thank you SSM

Ankush Arora Business Consultant

Hi, my name is Ankita and I'm from Pune. I have joined the ssm academy course before 5 months and I have already completed it and got all the certificates and cashback as well. When I joined this course, I had no idea about Digital Marketing and now I'm running my own online bakery shop and also I'm able to generate approx 4 sales regularly. I really want to thank SSM academy for teaching me the hacks of Digital Marketing. A big huge thanks to SSM academy. I would highly recommend everyone to join this course.

Ankita Agarwal Entrepreneur

These guys are amazing at what they do. They have prepared the courses in a very well manner. Everything is explained in complete detail so that anyone with even no knowledge of the online world can learn from scratch. The prices are more than reasonable for what they offer. Additionally, I can stay updated with the latest Digital Marketing trends, which is awesome in my opinion. And the instructor replies very quickly to whatever doubt or query one has. So go for it guys! Get some extra skills for the digital world! Thank you for the amazing course.

Puneet Goel Network Marketer

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