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About SSMpreneurship

SSMpreneurship is a life-changing journey which will take you through all the steps that are needed to become a Digital Marketing Professional.


Professional Training

The SSM Academy Internship Program is designed in such a way that will give you a crystal-clear clarity to build a strong career in Digital Marketing.

Placement Support

As long as you finish The SSM Academy Internship Program, you will be helped to source, interview and finally land a job or getting clients for Digital Marketing.

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The Essence

"The SSM Academy Internship" program will not only make you a Digital Marketing Professional, it will make you a savvy marketer who can market any product or any service online.

Bumper Benefits

The SSM Academy's Digital Marketing Internship Program aims to help you hone your digital marketing skills. Whether you are in search of your dream job in digital marketing or trying to promote your business on social media, we’ve got you covered.


1-1 Mentorship

Domain (1 Year)

Beginner Friendly


Hosting (1 Year)

Hands-On Training

Placement Support


Live Chat Support



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Tools You'll Master

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What You'll Learn

✔️Learn why Digital Marketing is gaining popularity and what the future holds for it.

✔️The unlimited possibilities of Digital Marketing.

✔️Learn how to design professional websites without any coding knowledge.

✔️How to create professional Ecommerce websites to kickstart selling.

✔️Discover how to power-up any website using SEO.

✔️Learn how to plan effective digital campaigns to attract potential customers.

✔️Powerful content formats.

✔️AIDA content marketing.


✔️Blogging & Google AdSense.

✔️Leverage the power of Social Media Marketing.

✔️Facebook Marketing Strategies.

✔️Instagram Marketing Strategies.

✔️YouTube Marketing Strategies.

✔️Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest.

✔️Learn to use the power of video marketing.

✔️Google SEO.

✔️YouTube SEO.

✔️Email Marketing.

✔️Mobile Marketing.

✔️Full Funnel Marketing.

✔️Android Application Development.

✔️Affiliate Marketing.

✔️Freelancing Success Factors.

✔️Learn how to present your skills to potential recruiters.




Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has completed their 10+2 degree with a minimum 50% score, from any field or specialization, is eligible to join The SSM Academy Internship Program. The only prerequisite is a passion for the field and the desire to gain knowledge.

Every student who attends The SSM Academy Internship program, are known as SSMpreneurs.

In other words, SSMpreneur is a benchmark that marks individuals as a Digital Marketing Expert.

To become an SSMpreneur, you must join in The SSM Academy Internship Program, which will guide you through all of the necessary steps to becoming a well-paid Digital Marketing professional.

Candidates who complete The SSM Academy Internship Program can expect to earn between 2 and 4 LPA as a beginning salary in Digital Marketing in India. The package might also range from 4-6 LPA depending on the candidate’s expertise and skill set. This course will prepare you for your first job and help you advance toward a good position. 

Yes, The SSM Academy offers up to INR 20,000 in scholarships. If a student has obtained at least 80% on their most recent exam, they are eligible for a scholarship in our Digital Marketing Internship Program.
If you meet the above requirements, you will be required to take an aptitude test created by The SSM Academy. We will contact you on your scholarship eligibility based on your performance. If eligible, the scholarship will cover up to 50% of the course fees.

The SSM Academy Internship Program costs INR 30,000. The total amount does not have to be paid up front. We provide no-cost EMI to help you catch your dream.

Yes, The SSM Academy offer 100% placement support once you complete this Digital Marketing Internship Program. We’ll place you straight into India’s top digital marketing companies and brands. In this extremely competitive employment market, we help you become noticed by major brands in the country and connect you with them so that you may land your dream job.

To apply for this program, go to the ‘Apply Now’ page and fill out the form. You will receive a call to discuss everything as long as you complete the registration procedure.

Registration is completely Free & easy-to-do.

Ready to get started?

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