How to get digital marketing clients

A lot of businesses are still unaware of the importance of digital marketing, especially startups. Many of these organizations do not have the financial resources or capital to hire a full-time digital marketing professional. In order to avoid doing this themselves, they want to hire a third-party agency or professional. It is a good time for a digital marketing company to enter the picture and pitch in. In order to accomplish this, you will need to know how to find clients for digital marketing.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to get digital marketing clients through a series of steps.

The process of setting up a digital marketing company is not easy enough. This is different from freelancing, where you simply have to impress clients and win projects. It’s vital that you perform additional responsibilities such as account management, recruiting and registration of the business. In addition, you must also build a team of specialized professionals who will work together in tandem and take your business to the next level.

Furthermore, building a digital marketing business requires patience and perseverance. You might have to wait a while before you see the fruits of your labor. The key to starting a business is to lay out your objectives for the first few months and develop an action plan for it.

Acquiring your first 20 clients is an art as much as a science. There is no spreadsheet full of data to pull from, segments aren’t present, and you don’t know who specifically will need your services. You’re simply experimenting to see what works and what you should double down on.

In order to get your first 20 clients, you should use both marketing and customer development tactics. When you use every tactic, you should look for ways to dig deeper into your client’s interests and personality. You need to find out who are the people who buy from you most, and then you can use that information to increase your ROI.

Most entrepreneurs gravitate toward paid advertising when they want to get their first customers. However, you can get initial traction by using other people’s audiences, online communities, targeting the right social networks, and more.

Before we jump into some handy tips to get digital marketing clients, let’s look at a few things you should never do when you are a newbie.

Firstly, you should refrain from behaving like a know-it-all. Keep an open mind and allow for suggestions. Clients appreciate professionals who understand their perspective and listen attentively.

Secondly, when you meet a potential client for the first time, make sure to avoid sounding pushy. Avoid making a bad first impression. It is easy for clients to determine whether the agency is interested in their goals or merely in making money.

Another important thing most agencies tend to do is overpromise. It’s all about quality over quantity. You should only commit to tasks that can be completed within the deadline. Honesty goes a long way in gaining digital marketing clients and building a relationship with them.


Your first few years of business are crucial because they lay the foundation for the future.

During these years, most of the trials and errors occur. Don’t let one failure demotivate you or stop you from learning. 

1. Build Your Brand Identity

What can you do to make sure that your business doesn’t get lost in a sea of subpar digital marketing agencies? The only way to do this is to be able to carve out your own identity. This will help you make a great first impression on potential clients. To begin, you need to come up with an engaging business name and a logo that stands out.

If you plan to start a business, you have probably already come up with a name. You should make it short, concise, and relevant to the services you will provide. If possible, stay away from obscure brand names that don’t convey your company’s purpose. 

Once you have decided a name, your next task is to create a logo. Like your brand name, your logo should communicate your vision and leave a lasting impression. In case you don’t have the budget for a graphic designer, you can get it done by a freelancer.

You can connect with freelance designers using platforms such as Upwork and DesignCrowd. Alternatively, you can post your requirements to various Facebook groups. Also, you can use a logo maker to create your own logo. Only choose this option if you have a knack for design.

You should also prepare your business cards in advance. Conversations with strangers can lead to business opportunities. Consequently, you should always carry your business card with you. Websites such as Vistaprint or Canva let you design your business cards easily.

2. Identify Your Target Audience & Niche

Before pitching yourself to potential clients, you should think about your ideal client. At the very least, it should include:

  • Business model (SaaS, local companies, service companies, etc.)
  • Industry (Finance, Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, etc.)
  • Company size (SMB, Fortune 500, etc.)

After you figure out who you serve, you should know what you have to offer.

Starting new agencies tend to offer full service right off the bat. There is a problem with this in that, at first, you probably can’t afford to hire true experts in each area (SEO, PPC, etc.). In the end, you have mediocre services, which will reflect poorly on your churn rate and pricing.

Putting all your energy into a single area is the best approach. For example, if you feel you’re best at SEO, you may offer only SEO services. As you grow, then you can hire experts who know about PPC, content marketing, and more – areas that your clients need.

If you know who your target customers are and what you can offer them, the next step should be to create an effective pitch. A sample pitch might be:

  • We help small to medium-sized SaaS companies in the digital marketing industry grow through SEO.
  • We help small to medium e-commerce businesses in the healthcare industry grow through PPC.
  • We help Fortune 500 companies to grow through content marketing.

Next, you need to create an online presence based on your target audience and niche.

3. Create Your Website & Blog

If you want to learn how to get high-paying clients for digital marketing it is very important you set up a website. Having a well-designed website is essential for your business if you want to prosper in today’s internet culture. You need to make sure your website is easy to navigate and showcases your services and clientele. Additionally, you should optimize your website for relevant keywords so that it appears in relevant search engine results. Website builders like WordPress and Wix let you choose pre-designed templates to create stunning websites.

Additionally, you should start a blog to establish your business as an industry authority. It will also help your website gain a higher ranking on search engines. Be sure to always write factual blogs with an intent. Business owners often read these to get help and gain knowledge. In situations when they feel stuck and turn to outsourcing, you are a likely candidate.

Other than blogs, you can publish whitepapers, case studies, e-books, etc. This is a great way to generate leads.

Another important step is to create a Google My Business page for your business. Use relevant keywords in the business description to complete your profile. Additionally, you should carefully choose your business category and provide your contact details and office address. This will ensure that your listing appears in relevant search results.

4. Offer a FREE Service

As humans, we have a tendency to test out things before recommending them to others. In order to gain a client’s trust, offer a free trial, as you’re a start-up without any testimonials.

Make a short plan containing a list of goals and deadlines. If you deliver what you promise, your clients become more confident, which makes it easier to retain their support.

5. Social Media Activation

A business cannot thrive today without a social media profile that is up-to-date. Make sure you set up a Facebook and Instagram page for your business. Additionally, you should also create profiles on other social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Furthermore, you should add a concise bio, contact details, website URL, and other details to your profile.

It is crucial that you regularly post engaging content to your social media profiles once you have set them up. Using social media, you can share content of all types, including quirky infographics and insightful blog posts. When posting, use appropriate hashtags and post when your audience is most likely to be online. Having a social media strategy can make your content go viral and help you maximize your reach.

6. Gather Some Testimonials

The next step is to focus on gathering some testimonials.

If you have previously freelanced and already have testimonials/case studies from your clients, you’d better skip this step. If not, offer to do free work for several of your ideal clients in exchange for testimonials.

Once you have a few testimonials, find out where your target audience hangs out and offer free advice every day.

In addition to forums like Quora & Answer The Public, consider taking part in Facebook groups, public speaking events, and attending other venues with your target audience.

If you wish to contact a recently funded company directly, go to Crunchbase and download a list:

Create a PDF or Word document that details everything that is wrong with their current strategy. This PDF should not only point out what is missing in their strategy but also describe exactly how to fix it.

If you tell them how to fix their problem, they’re likely to hire you to do it instead of trying to fix it themselves.

When you send those emails, start with a subject line that grabs their attention. You can use tools like SendCheckIt to test out your subject line.

Be sure to include the investor in addition to the founder.

In addition, you can play the numbers game by pitching to a large number of founders using a tool that allows you to automatically add your own personalization, such as MailShake or MixMax.

7. Networking

Whenever you start a new business, you should seek out new opportunities because you want your company to succeed. In turn, this requires you to meet new people and make them feel impressed with your sales pitch. A good way to get involved is to attend digital marketing conferences and other events.

With the best service at your disposal, you can still struggle to gain clients if you lack the ability to connect with people. To grow your business, Networking is essential. When talking about networking, LinkedIn should be the first thing that comes to mind. It is one of the best platforms for building a professional network.

Whenever you’re at trade shows or seminars, always be sure to introduce yourself and your work in a short but captivating way. It may not be necessary for people to use your services right now; however, when you interact and speak about business with relevancy, it subconsciously registers in the receiver’s mind.

If they need something related to your niche in the future, there’s a high probability that they’ll think of you first.

In addition, you can look for an entrepreneurial club or network in your city. A gathering such as this is a good opportunity to meet prospective clients who might require your services.

8. Build a Smart Team

It is impossible for an organization to succeed with a one-man army. The same is true for your digital marketing business. You have to work hard to assemble a team of professionals who are willing to work for a new company. Don’t be afraid to hire freshers or freelancers. In fact, remote recruiting may be the best option if it gets your work done.

You can use platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr to hire your own team.

A second crucial element of your digital marketing business is your workspace. If you are just starting out, you may not have the budget to rent a fancy office. If this is the case, you may be able to use co working spaces or set up an office at home.

Conclusion :

Now you have a blueprint for growing a small business to a million-dollar agency that only works with dream clients.

You’ll experience a lot of bumps along the way, but if you follow these proven steps, you’ll succeed. Business builders say it often takes 3 years to establish a company – so start your online business today!

Make sure you have a great website and blog, as well as a strong social media presence. Next, you need to hire skilled and motivated professionals and explore offline networking opportunities. It is also recommended that you take a digital marketing online course to brush up on your skills.

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