How to use memes in marketing

Most of us have seen memes when we browse the internet. Every single day, you’re bound to run into at least one meme on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even WhatsApp!

They are entertaining, funny, and easy to consume. However, there is more to them than what meets the eye. The trend of meme marketing is an underrated one that is rapidly gaining traction in recent years.

The practice led to the creation of a new term: “Meme Jacking”. A marketing tactic called meme-jacking involves using popular memes to promote a product.

With the growing popularity of meme-jacking, it’s becoming a more lucrative way to share fun content that may go viral. After all, who doesn’t like fun, entertaining content?

I am sure you also like memes, don’t you?

In essence, a meme is a way of connecting people and generating community by sharing something that everyone can relate to.

In recent years, memes have become a part of everyday life for many people. In addition to being funny, they can create memories and can serve as inside jokes.

However, did you know you can use this as a digital marketing strategy for your business?

That is what we will discuss in this article.


First, let’s explore why meme marketing is beneficial, and then we will explore how to use memes in marketing to promote your business.

Benefits of Using Memes in Marketing

In a time when most consumers avoid ads as much as possible, a marketing strategy that relies on humor and familiar media can engage consumers who are difficult to reach. 

Meme marketing can be an extremely effective way for professionals, such as digital marketers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and creative professionals, to create engaging content at a low cost).

Memes offer a number of advantages that will help you stay ahead of your competitors. 

There are numerous reasons why businesses should incorporate memes into their marketing strategies, and many of the world’s most popular brands have already done so.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Memes are Free Advertisement

In terms of money, memes don’t require any kind of investment. There are many meme templates available online, and all you need is a funny caption to turn them into a funny frame.

Since you do not have to hire graphic designers or illustrators to create memes, they are not expensive. As long as the content is unique and interesting, people do not mind DIY material that is of low quality.

meme _ before joining the ssm academy and after joining the ssm academy

There are many websites that you can use for making memes. The best sites include Canva, Pinterest, Kapwing, Imgur , Meme Generator and many more!

  • Increase Engagement

Memes can be very shareable and help connect people through humor.

A good inside meme makes people feel like they’re a part of an inside joke, and who doesn’t like to feel like they’re part of something?

Having relatable or humorous posts means that you won’t be able to relate to them to only one person or find them entertaining to only one person. Generally, these types of posts are inclusive in nature and relevant to a wide range of people. 

As a result, funny posts like memes receive more likes, comments, and shares. In fact, brand-specific memes often go viral as well.

  • Entertain Your Audience

Entertainment is the most effective way to keep users engaged on social media.

google rank

However, the memes do not need to be related to a particular brand. You can make memes that simply entertain and relate in some way to your audience.

  • Increase Brand Recall

People remember a brand well after liking and sharing it several times and developing a relationship with it. You should focus on providing a consistent stream of quality posts instead of quantity. 

There is no doubt that memes play a huge role, as they’re funny, relatable, and leave an impression.

  • Memes Make You Creative

There’s no need to rely solely on a meme that’s already trending. It can be difficult to stay up-to-date on all the latest memes.

As soon as you’ve gauged what your audience responds to, you can create your own memes from scratch. Obviously, this will require more effort and more time, but if your audience enjoys what you do and shares it, it may be worth it.

meme _ on a chessboard

Now that you understand how memes can help you and your business, it’s time to put them into practice.

Let’s talk about how to use memes effectively, along with some practical tips :

9 Tips on How to Use Memes in Marketing

So now you understand the importance of including memes in your content marketing strategy, however, there are a few strategies on how to use memes in marketing.  And that’s what we’re going to discover here.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for stock market memes, affiliate marketing memes, branding memes, funny marketing memes, meme marketing examples or advertisement memes, this blog post will provide you with a few strategies that will surely help you to take your meme marketing campaign to the next level.

Even though memes are easy to make, there is still some planning involved, and some solid techniques can make your memes instantly relatable, shareable, and perhaps even viral.

1. Know Your Audience

It is one of the first and very old marketing tips given by all marketers, which is very important. 

A meme is about not just establishing connections with Brands and situations, but also with an audience. If you create a meme that does not resonate with your audience, it is unlikely to get good engagement. 

There is no doubt that you already know your audience’s age, interest, location, industry, and every other characteristic. You can use all that information you gathered for your other content marketing initiatives to create memes that truly engage with your audience.

2. Maintain Your Brand Voice

Even though most marketers are aware of memes that might appeal to their audience, it can be difficult to incorporate them while maintaining brand voice.

The best memes usually incorporate satire, social commentary, or nostalgia, which means they’re insightful as well as funny. When marketers experiment with meme marketing, they must tread a fine line in order to avoid offending consumers. It’s also a good idea to educate yourself on current memes.

A meme may be divisive and not appeal to everyone, but it can support a niche positioning and reach a specific audience. If you’re trying to fine-tune your voice, start by clearly defining your target audience:

  • What type of content do your customers consume?
  • Who do they like to listen to, watch, or idolize?
  • What can you do to entertain them?
  • What problems do they share with their community?

Once you have a sense of what content your target audience will be interested in, begin making relatable jokes and commenting on relevant fads and cultural trends.

Zomato’s target audience spends a lot of time on social media, and through meme marketing, they were able to interact with them via this funny meme.

They launched a meme on “Harmonium Chacha” that helped them generate a great deal of engagement.


In addition to receiving plenty of likes and shares, the campaign prompted humorous comments and memes from people.

PRO Tip: Meme marketing attempts often miss the mark because they are designed as generic advertisements rather than cultural commentary. A successful meme does not include any CTA such as “Buy Now”, “Apply Now”, “Learn More” etc.

3. Create Original Memes

No matter what image you use, your message should be original and somehow related to your audience or brand. Please don’t use someone else’s joke for your audience. It just doesn’t work.

It’s always good to create your own memes rather than relying on others. Naturally, this will be much harder since you’ll need to collect information, create a structure, and come up with creative captions.

Although this is a time-consuming process, you can rest assured it will be worth it in the long run.


Developing your own memes for your business creates an identity that promotes brand awareness for it.

Regardless of what it is, it must be funny. Whether the meme is intended to make a point or to remind people of the good ol’ days, everyone has the humor to back it up. If your meme is not funny, it is unlikely to get shared.

4. Play With Popular Memes

One of the easiest types of material to create is a spoof of a popular meme. Famous meme templates won’t hurt your marketing campaign. In fact, if you use popular memes in your marketing, you will see positive results.

It shows that you are knowledgeable about the latest trends and are active in the community.

5. Be FAST

You have to stay abreast of current trends. Several memes may last for months and even years, but there are numerous others that go away in a matter of days.

So you should seize the opportunity as soon as possible and make the trend relevant to your business. 

It can definitely help to stay active in meme communities, and you can do so by following meme pages on various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit & so on ….

Netflix is one of the most successful meme marketers. With the help of memes, the brand has engaged with its social media followers. The company has a separate sub-account called ‘Netflix is a joke,’ which is used for meme marketing only. 

PRO Tip : When a trend has been going for a few days or a week, it might be time to give up on it. If you didn’t catch the wave on that one, you risk having your brand look outdated.

6. Research Your Memes

Research is very important before sharing a meme on social media. You must make sure the topic isn’t sensitive, the meme’s history isn’t unpleasant, and the meme’s concept won’t offend any members of your community.

No matter how entertaining your memes are, make sure that they do not offend anyone or contain any offensive words. It would be best if you reconsider before sharing any such meme.

Hotstar is one of India’s leading premium streaming platforms. They use memes as one of the most effective marketing tools in their social media strategy. It is clear that their marketing team has mastered the use of memes effectively.

PRO Tip : Be careful not to cross the line between being offensive and being humorous; if you do, it could lead to trouble.

7. Reshape User-Generated Memes

By definition, memes are meant to be shared, so your brand has plenty of opportunities to share memes from other meme creators. 

You can use other people’s memes in your feed, however, it’s a good idea to think about adding your own tag, or a joke to theirs. Adding a new layer to the original joke will be appreciated by your audience. You can, however, repost memes as-is and credit the original creator for their creativity.

You can even run meme-making contests. Put up a particularly meme-worthy picture on your feed, and then ask your followers to make memes around it. It may even be possible to incorporate your brand into the photo somehow, but be aware that some people will make jokes about your brand when you do this. Afterward, you can upload your favorites to your social media accounts. It’s a great way to drive engagement to your brand.

8. Don’t Overdo It

Finally, keep in mind that memes are not your main content, and can only be used in addition to other types of content that you create. It’s imperative that you create original content for your business, and sporadically use memes to engage customers.

There is no point in adding CTAs or linking people to a landing page to memes. If your meme becomes too promotional, it won’t work to increase your business revenue, which is why you need to strike the right balance between memes and other content.

9. Maintain Your Brand Identity

What is the one thing all of these brands have in common? These brands have developed a consistent persona and stuck to it.

Whatever you decide to do with your memes, keep them consistent. Otherwise, you’ll end up confusing(or losing) your followers.

Final Thoughts

If used well, memes can become an effective part of your content marketing strategy. With their help, you can develop relationships with your audience without having to worry about keywords or content architecture.

Many brands use memes as a marketing tool. Trust your instincts on humor, as with most creative processes. If you don’t think the meme you’ve created is funny, interesting, or insightful, your customers probably won’t either. Make sure you use your best judgment and understand that the more memes you consume, the better you’ll be at creating them.

What do you think about this? Would you consider using memes in your social media marketing strategy? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Do you have anything to add, or do you have anything to discuss? 

Let us know in the comments section below so we can get in touch with you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are memes and how to use them?

A meme is an image, video, text, or other forms of media that are humorous in nature and can quickly be reproduced and shared on the internet. 

Memes can be used to communicate a message in a humorous way, to support a cause, like jokes, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Q.  How are memes used to communicate?

In our society, memes are used to express thoughts, feelings, humor, and ideas in general. The appeal of memes lies in their relatability and the audience is drawn to relatable things. Memes are a way of communicating with a group of people, and they will continue to grow and become more popular over time.

Q. Are memes copyright-free?

In most cases, memes are protected by copyright laws. This means that the creator of the meme has exclusive rights. However, it may not seem like it – posting or sharing a meme – violates the copyright. Although it's always good practice to give credit to the source of anyone's work.

Q. What is meme marketing?

In simple words, meme marketing refers to using memes to promote a brand or product. You can do this by creating funny photos, GIFs, and videos of your brand and tapping into your audience's sense of humor.

Q. How to do meme marketing?

To do meme marketing for your business, think of an idea relevant to your target audience and then use any graphic designing tool or meme generator to start creating your meme. As soon as you have your meme ready, share it on your social media pages and start promoting it.

Q. How do I find memes?

On social media sites, memes can be found. The most popular sites to explore include Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

There are several websites that specialize in meme templates, such as kapwing, canva, and pinterest.

Q. Is it legal to use memes in advertising?

Almost every popular meme is copyrighted. There is a good chance the image does not have full rights, unless it is a Creative Commons graphic or generally public domain. It is also not uncommon for the owners of these images to seek damages from those who misuse them. Therefore, it's always a good idea to reshape popular memes or create original ones.

Q. How do I create a meme for free?

Anyone with an internet connection and an electronic device can make memes for free. Among the most popular sites for making memes are canva, kapwing, and adobe.

You can also create memes on your mobile device for free using numerous free applications. A few examples include memegenerator, meme maker etc.

Q. Where can I find memes for Instagram?

You can find memes on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. Take a well-known idea and spice it up with some originality, while making sure your idea is relevant to your target audience.

Q. What is the best app to create memes?

There are many apps available for iOS and Android that can be used to make memes. According to our research, the best are memegenerator, meme maker, and mematic.

Q. How do I promote my meme on Instagram?

Using the right hashtags will help you get visibility for your memes on Instagram. Also, encourage your followers to tag their friends in the comments. Also, consider reaching out to relevant pages in your niche to publish your memes.

Q. Can I post memes on my business page?

Memes provide comic relief and relatability for social media audiences. In the event that a funny and relatable meme is shared from a business page, the viewer is likely to share it with their friends, thereby reaching a wider audience. This could greatly benefit your social media presence which in turn will help you to increase your sales.

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